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February 2, 2022 MPD performed a no knock warrant which resulted in an innocent life being taken away. Amir Locke was gunned down by Minneapolis, MN Police (MPD) while sleeping on a couch. Karen Wells, Amir’s mother, along with his father, brother, family, friends and others continues to advocate for no knock warrants to be banned across the US. We seek justice for Amir Locke. 

Amir will always be remembered for his smile, passion to help youth and the love he shared with his family. He was passionate about making a positive change in the lives of others and had established a business plan to support his dream. Amir Locke’s legacy will live on through his foundation. A portion of your purchase will support the work that the foundation is creating to make a change in honor of Amir.

Grab your JUSTICE FOR #AMIRLOCKE TShirt today and help us share with everyone we see that we seek #JUSTICEFORAMIRLOCKE

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